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Established in 2011, Big Stone Renewables, LLC is the premier Met Tower Service Provider. We pride ourselves on providing top of the line quality work, high attention to detail and keeping safety the top priority. Choosing BSR is a no brainer. We have experience working on hundreds of different sites around the world, utilizing the full spectrum of measurement systems, tower types, etc. We can fulfill all of your met tower needs, year-round and nation-wide. We utilize the best in modern safety and rigging practices to complete your job with a flawless safety record. Our personnel are top notch industry professionals ready to complete your scope of work. No matter what state your system is in, we can seamlessly integrate your data stream into the modern age.

Matthew Schutz, Managing Partner

A California native, Matt has a long history of working in the Wind Industry. Inspired in college to make a difference in our species’ impact on the globe, Matt pursued the necessary skills development to enter the wind industry. Before starting Big Stone Renewables, Matt was a consultant for 4 years, working on Met Towers all over the country significantly improving met data quality and availability throughout the industry.  In 2011 Matt saw an opportunity to take what he had learned from the wind industry and improve upon it, establishing Big Stone Renewables out of his home state of California. Matts certifications include: SPRAT I, First Aid-CPR, OSHA 40, Electrical Qualified Worker, Triton Tear III Technician. In his spare time Matt enjoys rock climbing, hunting, fishing, and dirt bike single track.

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Sean McGraw, Managing Partner

Sean is an avid outdoorsman and conservationist. Sean has extensive experience in business management and operating efficient, effective, small businesses. His desire to protect our pristine outdoor places and the planet from global climate change aligned with working in the renewable energy industry. Sean joined Big Stone Renewables in 2021. Sean’s certifications include SPRAT I, OSHA 40, OSHA 170, First Aid/CPR and Electrical Qualified Worker. When not working Sean enjoys rock climbing, skiing, hunting and whitewater rafting.

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