About Us

Established in 2011, Big Stone Renewables, LLC has been the primer Met Tower Service Provider. Providing excellent quality, attention to detail and with keeping safety the top priority, choosing BSR is a no brainer.

A California native, Matt has a long history of working in the Outdoor Industry.  Before starting Big Stone Renewables, Matt was a consultant for over 3 years, working on Met Towers all over the country.  In 2011 Matt saw an opportunity to take what he has learned from the wind industry and improve upon it, establishing Big Stone Renewables. Matts certifications include: SPRAT I, Wilderness First Responder, OSHA 10, Electrical Qualified Worker, Triton Tear III Technician and PICS certified.

A Michigan native, Andrew also has a long history of working in the Outdoor.  As a Rope Access Technician repairing blades on wind turbines, Andrew saw an opportunity to take his Rope Access skills to a new aspect of the wind industry to further increase productivity and safety.  Andrew joined Big Stone Renewables in 2017. Andrews certifications include: SPRAT III Supervisor, OSHA 40, Electrical Qualified Worker and First aid/CPR.

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