About Us

Matthew Schutz

The Founder, Matthew Schutz

My passion for wind energy grew out of a love of the outdoors and wanting to preserve natural experiences for future generations while providing for our domestic energy supply. Born and raised in California we would frequently drive past the wind farms at Altamont Pass, and surrounding Tehachapi, CA. I always knew I would have a blast climbing the wind turbines there if I ever had the chance and now I get to do it for a living.
From a young age I have been volunteering, boy scouting, fishing, rock climbing and backpacking in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This activity has had a profound impact on me throughout the years and led to my obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Utah.
I’ve worked as a rock climbing guide, mechanic,  communications tower rigger, bike technican, arborist, machinist, and so on. For the last 4 years I have worked in the wind energy industry providing field services for clients across the industry through the world. All of these various background experiences have contributed invaluable resources to my current role working with my team of colleagues. My current goals include providing clients with top level instrumentation and work-at-heights services, and to one day learn to skydive.


Contact Us

Big Stone Renewables, LLC
Matthew Schutz – Managing Partner
214 Howard St
Clovis , CA , 93612
Phone: 206-437-0016
Email: matt@bigstonerenewables.com
LinkedIn: Matthew Schutz

Andrew Brodhead

Email: andrew@bigstonerenewables.com

Phone: (231) 838-3528



Us on the Job

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